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MLM-580  5.25" Midrange 8 Ohm

MLM-580 5.25" Midrange 8 Ohm

SKU: MLM-580

For car audio enthusiasts seeking an upgrade over traditional, Mc Laren Sound Systems has designed 3 series of midbass & midrange drivers. Depending on size, depth, frequencies you have a wide range of options to suit your listening preferences.


The 80 Series is a midbass/midrange with a stronger lean towards midrange frequencies. Smooth upper frequencies without the breakup associated with high end roll-off typical of other drivers.




5.25" (134 mm).

50 wts rms, 100 wts peak.

1" Copper voice coil.

8 Ohms .

Y35 Ferrite magnet.

Die cast aluminum frame.

Freq range: 250 Hz - 8KHz




Impedance (ohms) 8

Resistance (ohms) 6

SPL (dB) 93.8

FS (Hz) 131.11

Vas (L) 2.832

Qes 1.04

Qms 11.881

Qts 0.956

BL (NA) 5.669

Mms (Grams) 4.743

Cms (mm/N) 3.106


Mounting Depth  "

Total Depth  2  1/2"

Cut-Out diameter  "

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