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MLS-T65 6.5" T Series Coaxial

MLS-T65 6.5" T Series Coaxial


T Series Coaxials 6.5" 125 Wts 


Built for durability in the harsh conditions of a vehicle, featuring a rigid stamped steel frame to support the magnet structure and provide a strong platform for hard use.

The cone is a poly treated paper cone to resist humidity and sun damage in rear panel or dash installations.

A rubber surround is also utilized to prevent disintegration and dry rot, typical of factory foam surrounds. PEI (polyetherimide) tweeter domes are durable, heat resistant and crisp sounding to provide enough volume to keep up with the strong midbass and midrange that the woofers are capable of.

Grills and all mounting hardware are included in the box.


Sold in pairs.




6.5" (165.1mm)
125 wts each and 250 wts peak per pair
1.2" copper voice coil
Poly treated paper cone
Rubber surround
20 mm PEI (polyetherimide) dome tweeter
Protection grills, speaker wires, butt connectors included


RE (ohms) 4 ohm
SPL (dB) 88.8
FS (Hz) 96.4
Vas (L) 6.7
Qes 1.21
Qms 6.02
Qts 1.01
BL (NA) 4.1
MMs (grams) 10.7
Cms (mm/N) 0.26


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