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All About Us

Karl Albrecht said:

“There are only two ways to establish competitive advantage: do things better than others or do them differently”.

Here at Mc Laren Sound Systems (MLSS) we try to do both, and if it is impossible we either do them better or “way” different by all means. 

Words typically used on any other company's about us page: Leading manufacturer, premier manufacturer, X amount of years, etc, etc. Do you really need all those adjectives? We keep it simple: 

At MLSS we are concentrated on designing, manufacturing and delivering products that will match your requirements and most importantly that will satisfy your listening experience . Every single product of all our series has a purpose. Each series was designed with specific parameters in order to accommodate any vehicle's sound system design.

We really like and enjoy what we do best, that is design and manufacture loudspeakers, amplifiers and almost anything related to a vehicle's sound system. (Besides, we have no idea how to sell or manufacture underwear)

Anyone related to the 12 volt (car audio) industry, has seen round, square and even hexagonal loudspeakers. Shallow and not shallow at all, different colors and with different basket and cone designs. BUT they all have a basket, a cone, one or more spiders, a voice coil, etc, etc. What makes the difference? The design, the quality of the materials used, the right combination of frames-magnets-voice coils-cones and much more. Is there much more to design? Yes and we are always working on a new project.


Fill out our Contact Form on the homepage and let us know your ideas or requirements. Are you satisfied ? Send us a note too ! Our team will appreciate comments, suggestions, critics and compliments. If you want to send some pictures of your system, please do so to:


• Mc Laren Sound Systems (MLSS) is a registered brand name owned by Rex Electronics Inc. (REI).

• MLSS started manufacturing car audio in 1994 and then moved its headquarters to Florida in 2003.
• All our sales up until 2013 were made outside the US. So that is why you may have not heard about us before.

• Our products are designed in house and built by top notch factories in China and Taiwan. All our products display its

country of origin as we first, don't have anything to hide and second, it is a legal requirement by US Customs. We would never try to decieve our customers in regards to the origin and materials used.

• Currently MLSS is being sold in over 25 countries through well developed and cherry picked distribution partners.
• MLSS or REI are not affiliated with any International groups or companies.
• All of our directors and executives have well over 15 years of experience in the industry.


And no, we did not start in a garage. 

To be continued!

Mc Laren Sound Systems logo

Hear the difference, feel the difference.

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