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If you own a "brick and mortar" shop / dealer and would like to become an authorized dealer, please contact the corresponding sales representative for your area, or call / send an email to our office. 

"brick and mortar" is a business with a commercial address and a store front. It is our company policy not to authorize dealers that do not fulfill this requirement. 

Online sales: Currently we have only 2 authorized online dealer, and we will keep it that way until further notice. There is a Mc Laren Sound Systems Amazon and Ebay store, BUT we STRONGLY recommend you buy your products thru a "brick and mortar" authorized dealer, unless there is not one close to you. All our authorized dealers will be able to match the price online, and you have the convenience of their expertise and support.

To become a dealer, please fill out these 2 forms and send them to us by email:
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