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MLM-8A  8" Midbass 8 Ohm

MLM-8A 8" Midbass 8 Ohm


For car audio enthusiasts seeking an upgrade over traditional, Mc Laren Sound Systems has designed 3 series of midbass & midrange drivers. Depending on size, depth, frequencies you have a wide range of options to suit your listening preferences.


A Series drivers were designed to reproduce frequencies from 80 Hz to 300 Hz, even though capable of extending upward as well.

Strong stamped steel frames, non pressed pulp cones and copper voice coils, available from 6.5" up to 12".




8" (203.2mm).

150 wts rms, 300 wts peak.

2" Copper voice coil.

8 Ohms (please see support tab for more info on why 8 ohms).

Y35 Ferrite magnet.

Stamped steel frame.

Freq range: 80 Hz - 6KHz




Impedance (ohms) 8

Resistance (ohms) 5.2

SPL (dB) 94.2

FS (Hz) 93.1

Vas (L) 11.6

Qes 0.54

Qms 7.84

Qts 0.50

BL (NA) 9.6

Mms (Grams) 16.2

Cms (mm/N) 0.18


Mounting Depth  3  1/8"

Total Depth  3  7/16"

Cut-Out diameter  7  3/16"





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